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Gameboy version of Room Full of Cats
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Room Full of Cats

Room Full of Cats is a native game for the Nintendo GameBoy, employing pixel art and authentic chiptune. It first debuted at the 5C Hackathon, winning the "Best Game" prize.


Room Full of Cats uses the GBDK tool chain to cross-compile to z80 assembly for the GameBoy. To compile to a ROM from source, install cmake and GBDK, ensuring that both cmake and lcc are on your PATH. Next, enter

cmake -G "Unix Makefiles"

into your terminal or command prompt to compile. The game will be compiled as in the project root.

Running the Game

Room Full of Cats runs best on the BGB emulator, both natively and in WINE. The game will also run on the actual GameBoy hardware by transferring the ROM to a Flash cartridge.


The GBDK tool chain was last updated in 2001, so expect some possible installation issues. GBDK is also available as an AUR package for Arch Linux users.

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