A site to browse through releases by Monstercat.
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Monstercat Album Browser

Check out the live demo here!

Monstercat Album Browser is a site where you can browse through releases by Monstercat in an easy way.


This new version of the site has been updated with a ton of improvements:

  • The site has been rewritten from scratch with new and better design!
  • Since I'm learning how to webdev the 2K17 way, this site now uses modern web technologies (Vue.js, SCSS).
  • The data is now fetched from the Monstercat Connect API which means that it is more up to date and there is no need to add album data manually anymore.
  • You can now view released Podcasts and Singles!
  • New features like album/track filtering and tracklist sorting.
  • Fancy new animations!


June 07th, 2017

  • Fixed some stuff regarding MCRL001

May 31st, 2017

  • Added "all" category
  • Tweaked some animations
  • Click album art to enlarge in album view
  • Change page title according to content
  • Fixed moombahton genre color

Todo list

  • Retain scrolling in the main view
  • Track streaming
  • Sort album list by oldest
  • Some free EPs (like MCF025) are categorized as a single

If you want, you can still find the old version of the site here.