This is a fork of the last pads version (1.2) from Matt Shelton with the sguil patches and other patches to make it work on modern operating systems.
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This is a fork of PADS from
that no longer is beeing updated by Matt Shelton since 2005.

I have clean up a lot of the code, added patch from the 
community and this version should run fine on any modern
*nix system. (Even x86_64 with PIE (Position Independent
Executable) and PaX (least privilege protections for
memory pages in Linux).

I have bumped the version to 1.3 for not to conflict with
the old 1.2 version last released by Matthew J. Shelton.

If you have any thoughts, patches or feature request, I will
do my very best to add them, and to keep this community
version agile and alive.

Best reagards,
Edward Fjellskål <>