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A template for your online resume / portfolio. See it live at

This work is distributed under the MIT License.


This is a plain HTML, JS and CSS website which I use as my resume and portfolio online at

You can use it "as is", parts of it, modify it, get inspiration etc.


I used yeoman, grunt and bower to create and develop this project. You should have NodeJS, npm and yeoman to run this project locally.

Once you have all the above installed, you just have to run:

npm install

followed by

bower update

then just run the app:

grunt server

The previous command will boot up the development server on your localhost using the "app" configuration (nothing is concatenated or minified, this is the configuration you want to use to develop and test locally).

Once you are done coding and you are happy with the outcome you can run

grunt build

Which by default will build the minified, uglyfied, optimized version of the site in the dist/ directory.

Furthermore, if you want to push directly to your FTP host of choice, you can do so by editing the Grunt.js file ( editing the ftpush section) and creating a .ftpush file in your root directory. You can find more information here:

Libraries used



A template for your online resume / portfolio



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