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  • Linux support. (tested on Ubuntu 12)
  • CMake support for makefile generation for Linux.
  • CodeBlocks 10 IDE support for Linux.
  • Gamepad controllers support for desktops.
  • Touch gesture support for tap, swipe and pinch.
  • Vehicle physics support via new PhysicsVehicle and PhysicsVehicleWheel classes.
  • Adds new racer sample (sample06-racer).
  • Adds gameplay-tests project as a test app for various basic engine features with some initial tests.
  • Adds support for Scene files for wildcard identifiers.
  • Adds Visual Studio Plug-in support for BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10.
  • Adds configurable multi-sampling anti-aliasing support.
  • Adds updates to latest FBX SDK 2013.3.
  • Adds file formats documentation for game.config .scene, .material, .animation, .physics, .particle
  • Adds Game/Platform::canExit for testing device capabilities to quit. (only ios)
  • Web community forums at
  • Changed keyTimes from unsigned long[] to unsigned int[]. (breaks compat. in AnimationTarget and Animation::Channel)
  • Fixed inconsistencies from Bundle::getObjectID() to Bundle::getObjectId() (breaks compat. in Bundle)
  • Fixes the texture coordinates of Mesh::createQuad(float x, float y, float width, float height).
  • Fixes line-wise distortion when loading RGB png's into textures that are non-power of two.
  • Fixes inconsistencies in createXXXX methods. (breaks compat. in Scene)
  • Fixes Rectangle::contains.
  • Fixes Lua print logging.
  • Fixes Lua errors to be treated as runtime warnings.
  • Fixes setVertexData to pointers instead of constant data.
  • Fixed AudioSource so that it doesn't loop by default.
  • Fixes minor UI scrolling issues.


  • Lua script bindings for all gameplay interfaces.
  • Lua script binding generator tool (gameplay-luagen) for generating gameplay Lua bindings from doxygen xml output.
  • AIController, AIAgent, AIStateMachine, AIState and AIMessage classes for scripted AI support.
  • Sample for sample05-lua to demonstrate basic Lua with AI scripting.
  • Gamepad class with virtual gamepad support.
  • Pre-built versions gameplay-encoder added to bin folder with TTF, DAE and FBX support built-in.
  • Improved modular shaders with support for #include in shaders. (breaks compat. for shaders)
  • LightMap support into colored-unlit.frag and textured-unlit.frag shaders.
  • Adds cloning and wireframing features to sample03-character.
  • Adds kick the ball on the sample03-character to demonstrate 2 buttons and more physics.
  • Fixes missing mouse events on UI controls.
  • Fixes to gameplay-encoder to prompt user for font size if not specified.
  • Fixes to add "-g" as short form argument for grouping animations.
  • Fixes node cloning.
  • Fixes to gameplay-encoder for output file path when encoding fonts.
  • Fixes to FrameBuffer, RenderTarget and DepthStencilTarget.
  • Fixes user switching in MacOSX to other applications with Apple-Tab.
  • Fixes measureText with empty string to be proper size.
  • Fixed for aliased text by applying linear filtering by default on Fonts.
  • Fixes RenderState::StateBlock::bindNoRestore() issue where blend function was not restored to the proper defaults.
  • Fixes some inconsistencies in Game event method names for menuEvent. (breaks compat. in Game)
  • Fixes some inconsistencies with AnimationClip::getID() to be same as Node::getId() and other classes. (breaks compat. in AnimationClip)
  • Fixes to gameplay-encoder and PhysicsRigidBody for heightmaps which adds height precision into generated heightmap png's.


  • Portrait mode games on mobile platforms.
  • Fullscreen and configurable game resolutions on desktop platforms.
  • User Interface support for scrolling with scrollbars on Container.
  • PVRTC, ATC and DXT texture compression support.
  • Performance improvements in user interface forms and text.
  • Performance improvements in animations on transforms.
  • Performance improvements using NEON math for BlackBerry and iOS.
  • Fixes for improvements in error handling throughout all systems.
  • Fixes supporting built-in Maya COLLADA exporter via DAE_FBX export.
  • Fixes for latest FBX SDK 2013 support.
  • Fixes for loading from some WAV files that were crashing.
  • Fixes for From/By animations.
  • Fixes allowing all inline properties loaded within .scene files. (breaks compat. for .scene)
  • Fixes in .scene files for collisionObject definitions (breaks compat. for .scene)
  • Fixes for depth/z-ordering of controls.


  • BlackBerry 10 support.
  • iOS 5.1 support.
  • Android 2.3+ support.
  • User interface system with declarative forms and themes.
  • Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support on BlackBerry platform.
  • Developer guide.
  • Sample/tutorial for sample03-character.
  • Sample for sample04-particles to demonstrate particle emitters.
  • Fixes for loading properties from URL.
  • Fixes on Win32/MacOSX for when mouse pointer leaves the window and returns.
  • Fixes to accelerometer for Android.
  • Fixes in animation blending.
  • Fixes to GPB for loading from single node and parent node. (breaks compat. for .gpb)


  • FBX support in gameplay-encoder.
  • MacOSX platform support using XCode.
  • Off-screen rendering functionality using FrameBuffer.
  • Loading 3D scenes using declarative .scene files.
  • Loading audio from .ogg files using vorbis.
  • Loading AudioSources from .audio files.
  • Loading Animations from .animation files.
  • AnimationClip support for cross fading.
  • Physics support using Bullet Physics.
  • Cross-platform new project generator.
  • Overloaded operators in Math classes.
  • Font improvements for justify, clip, wrap and scaling.
  • Fixes for Font::drawText to use point size and not float scalar.
  • Fixes for memory leaks in and fixes to AnimationTarget.
  • Fixes for bumped and parallax shaders.
  • Fixes to simplify folders for resources in samples.
  • Fixes to the material/shader system.
  • Fixes to the ParticleEmitter.


  • Initial release.
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