Enables interaction with UI forms using gamepads. #925

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Several gamepad event types have been added. These events are used by Form, Container, and the various control classes to enable gamepad UI interaction. The events are also available to games. The Forms test, Racer sample and Particles sample have been updated to make use of these features. These changes have been tested on Windows, Mac OS and BlackBerry 10 using several gamepads.

ablake and others added some commits Mar 14, 2013
@ablake ablake Enables controlling UI forms with a gamepad. Adds a few things to the…
… forms test in order to test

this feature.
@ablake ablake Merge branch 'next' of https://github.com/blackberry/GamePlay into next
@ablake ablake Tweaks to the way gamepads change focus within containers. 1547ee4
@ablake ablake Tweaks and fixes to Container behavior when a gamepad is used to inte…
…ract with a form.

Modifications to the FormsTest and TestsGame in order to better support gamepads in the test app.
Keeping the lua bindings up-to-date.
@ablake ablake Merge branch 'next' of https://github.com/blackberry/GamePlay into next 489814f
@ablake ablake Minimal modifications to ParticlesGame and RacerGame so that their me…
…nus are usable with a gamepad.

Change to sliders so that they consume all gamepad events while active.
@ablake ablake Adding a few missing API comments. 589dfaa
ablake Using Gamepad setters from PlatformBlackBerry so that gamepad events …
…are triggered on BB10, enabling UI control.
Adam Blake Using the correct Gamepad setters from PlatformMacOS so that events a…
…re triggered.
@seanpaultaylor seanpaultaylor merged commit d44e6ee into gameplay3d:next Mar 20, 2013
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