Developer Forks

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The 'master' branch is the project repository. The 'gh_pages' branch is only used for doxygen api-docs.

'master' branch

This branch is only accepting bug fixes at this time.

Contributor Developer Setup:

  1. Create your own developer fork.

Use the Fork button on the github website to clone the project to your username.

  1. clone your own fork of the repo.

git clone<username>/GamePlay.git

  1. Add 'upstream' remote for the main propo

git remote add upstream

Pulling from 'upstream'

To pull adhoc changes from the main gameplay3d/Gameplay 'master' branch into your developer fork:

git pull upstream master

Submitting changes (Pull Requests)

All submitted changes should be from your forked branch. Use the Pull Request page from the website to make a request to pull your requested changes into the gameplay3d/GamePlay 'master' branch.