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Game Play Color

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A JavaScript Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator for iOS, based on the GameBoy-Online emulator core.

If you just want to play Game Play, you can find it online at


Check out the project, update the submodules, install the brew-based dependencies, and install the additional Python dependencies:

git clone
cd gameplaycolor
git submodule update --init --recursive

It may be necessary to install pipenv as follows:

pip3 install pipenv


Game Play is built using a custom Python build script which inlines and minifies HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and binds in the settings for a given deployment.

For example, building the release version of Game Play as hosted on can be done by running the following command from the root of the repository:

scripts/gameplay build settings/release.json

The build will be created in the build directory, and a corresponding *.tar.gz will be created in archives, tagged with the git sha and settings name (e.g., build-168bd9d0d8d309a1efb1983bd61ec34ff22951b5-release.tar.gz).


The gameplay build script includes a lightweight server for local development:

scripts/gameplay serve

This does not automatically build the project, so it's necessary to build the project using the instructions above whenever you make a change.


The main branch is automatically deployed using continuous integration at You can find an auto-gemerated changelog at


Many thanks to:


  1. Game Boy and Game Boy Color are trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd.. All rights reserved.
  2. Downloading copied ROMs is illegal: only use images you have created from ROMs you own yourself.
  3. InSeven Limited is an independent software company and is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Co., Ltd..


Game Play and its dependencies are licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details.

Third Party Sources

Game Play includes the following third party sources:

  • jQuery - Copyright (C) 2013 jQuery Foundation and other contributors
  • GameBoy-Online - Copyright (C) 2010-2016 Grant Galitz