Helpers for serving an Ember.js app from Sinatra.
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Sinatra Ember

Helpers for serving an Ember.js app from Sinatra.

  • Pre-compile handlebars templates from separate view files rather than littering them throughout your html.


You can install Sinatra Ember as a Ruby gem. You can install it via gem install.

$ gem install sinatra-ember

Bundler users

If you use Bundler, add it to your Gemfile.

gem 'sinatra-ember', :require => 'sinatra/ember'


Install the plugin and add some options.

require 'sinatra/ember'

class App < Sinatra::Base
  register Sinatra::Ember
  ember {
    templates '/js/templates.js', ['app/templates/**/*.hbs'], :relative_to => 'app/templates'

    # optional; defaults to :path
    template_name_style :path

API reference


Combines templates in the given paths into a single asset of those templates in javascript form.

# Usage:
ember {
  templates 'URI', [PATH, PATH, ...], OPTIONS_HASH


a string defining where the templates will be served.


a string or glob pattern describing a file or files that should be included



a string describing a path relative to the Sinatra root from which the template names should be made relative to when using the :path template name style. For example, if :relative_to is app/templates and the PATH app/templates/views/post.hbs will be named views/post.


Defines the style by which template names will be derived from the paths.

# Usage:
ember {
  template_name_style :basename

Valid options include:


the template will be named as a relative path to the template file


the template will be named as the basename of the template file

Sinatra AssetPack

If you're using the sinatra-assetpack gem, add your served templates to a package.