"mangos-zero" is a full featured World of Warcraft server, including authentication, client updates, and world content serving. Compatible with World of Warcraft client 1.12.1 (build 5875), and 1.12.2 (build 6005).
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mangos-zero Project status

mangos-zero is a full featured server, including authentication, client updates, and world content serving compatible with the classic World of Warcaft experience for World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.12 - Drums of War.

mangos-zero is released under the GPL v2. The file (LICENSE.mdown) must be a part of any redistributable packages made from this software. No licenses should be removed from this software if you are making redistributable copies.


The develop branch is where the development of mangos-zero server is done. Any of the commits submitted here may or may not become part of the next release.

It is recommended to use the master branch for stable systems, and only use the develop branch if you intend to test commits and submit issues and/or reports.


mangos-zero is compatible with scriptdev0 revision 464, and the game content database 2011-08-31, and newer revisions.

And if something goes wrong?

If you feel like submitting an issue, please do so only if you are willing to provide a detailed report, and are available to verify any solution to the issue provided by the developers of this repository.


MaNGOS has originally been written by Team Python and WoW Daemon Team. Many people further contributed to MaNGOS by reporting problems, suggesting various improvements or submitting actual code.

Special thanks should also go out to the WowwoW team. We have gained help from them many times in the creation of this project.

Thanks should also go out to the Ludmilla team, who are also providing the community with a great server. We have not gained too much help from them, but we have recieved some.


The Massive Network Game Object Server (MaNGOS) has been built with education as the main purpose and the MaNGOS team would like to keep it that way.

Since any public and/or commercial use of this software is considered illegal in many countries (please refer to your local law), the MaNGOS team will not provide any help nor support with such usage in any way. Every user of this software is encouraged to make sure no law is being broken on his/her side.

Both the MaNGOS team and MaNGOS foundation will not take any responsibility for any kind of usage of this software by the end users.