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A LibGDX+flixel-android game I made in December 2012. Code and art are public domain.
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A Puzzling Present

A Puzzling Present is a LibGDX+flixelandroid game I made and released in December 2012. It used levels and mechanics generated by ANGELINA, but the core game code is released here for free to use.

Both the code and the art is public domain - please feel free to use wherever you wish, without attribution, you can charge for whatever you use it for, and so on. I'd love to hear what you do with it, or if it helps you - email and let me know if you like (but it's not a requirement to use this project).

For more information on what I do, and what ANGELINA is, you can visit

Initially I'm omitting all libraries used here, to avoid licensing issues (particularly since the project is CC0/public domain). If you need the libs, I suggest getting them from LibGDX and flixel-android project pages. I'll put a link up along with the source.

You can download A Puzzling Present for free for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux here:

You can find more LibGDX/flixel-android projects, some public-domain art+code, at

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