Timing Events tied to @gamestdio/clock
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Timing Events tied to @gamestdio/clock.

ClockTimer is a subclass of Clock, which adds methods to handle timeout and intervals relying on Clock's ticks.


Once built-in setTimeout and setInterval relies on CPU load, functions may delay an unexpected amount of time to execute. Having it tied to a clock's time is guaranteed to execute in a precise way.

See a quote from W3C Timers Specification:

This API does not guarantee that timers will fire exactly on schedule. Delays due to CPU load, other tasks, etc, are to be expected.



  • setInterval(handler, time, ...args) -> Delayed
  • setTimeout(handler, time, ...args) -> Delayed
  • clear() - clear all intervals and timeouts.


  • clear() -> void - Clear timeout/interval
  • reset() -> void - Reset elapsed time
  • active -> Boolean - Is it still active?
  • pause() -> void - Pause the execution
  • resume() -> void - Continue the execution
  • paused -> Boolean - Is is paused?