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Rack middleware for verifying and parsing Facebook signed_request param on canvas applications

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= rack-facebook-signed-request

Rack middleware which parses and verifies the signed_request canvas parameter and FB JS cookie.


Required Options:

You must specify the following options to enable the middleware:

- app_id

- secret

Additional Custom Options:

You can also activate the following options:

- inject_facebook (default false): This will automatically inject the asynchronous FB JS SDK include into the response body.

Assuming you've enabled the Facebook script injection, you can customize these options:

- cookie (default true): Configure the FB JS SDK with cookie support

- status (default true)

- lang (default 'en_US')

- xfbml (default true)

Note that this will also add the FB XML namespace attribute into the root html element of the response.

RESTful behavior:

The Rack middleware will also convert any POST requests containing the signed_request parameter to GET.
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