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Version 1.4

The script analyzes your web server and generates one or more
Sitemap files.  These files are XML listings of content you make available on
your web server.  The files can be directly submitted to search engines as
hints for the search engine web crawlers as they index your web site.  This
can result in better coverage of your web content in search engine indices,
and less of your bandwidth spent doing it.
The script is written in Python and released to the open
source community for continuous improvements under the BSD 2.0 new license,
which can be found at:

The original release notes for the script, including a walk-through for
webmasters on how to use it, can be found at the following site:

The minimum Python version required is Python 2.2.  However, if URLs on
your site involve any non-ASCII characters, we strongly recommend
Python 2.3 or later, as it better handles encoding issues.
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