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Accept empty value strings

Sometimes it may be needed to have an empty String in the localization
files, e.g. if different languages have different grammatical terms and
the localization has parts of them which will later be concatenated.
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commit bebfd8b09e73b33a1d556803011cac5bf0f05d94 1 parent 683ffe6
@gamma authored
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
from copy import copy
import os
-re_translation = compile(r'^"(.+)" = "(.*)";$')
+re_translation = compile(r'^"(.+)" = "(.*?)";$')
re_comment_single = compile(r'^/\*.*\*/$')
re_comment_start = compile(r'^/\*.*$')
re_comment_end = compile(r'^.*\*/$')

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