A framework to perform a statistical combination of measurements.
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GammaCombo is a framework to combine measurements in order to compute confidence intervals on parameters of interest. A global likelihood function is constructed from the probability densitiy functions of the input observables, which is used to derive likelihood-based intervals and frequentist intervals based on pseudoexperiments following the Plugin method to handle nuisance parameters.


You can find information about the package at our website

This also includes a quick start guide, some tutorials and the details on reproducing results


A manual is provided in


To build GammaCombo cmake is needed in version 3.0 or higher.

Get the source code from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/gammacombo/gammacombo.git
cd gammacombo

To create the library, create a build directory and change into it. E.g.

mkdir build; cd build

Now create the Makefiles:

cmake ..

And build:


To install the libraries and copy all header files into the directories lib/ and include/ in the root directory of the project:

make install

To build the Doxygen documentation, which will create an HTML class documentation in the doc/html subdirectory, do:

make doc

Follow the tutorial in the manual:

cd ../tutorial