A Discord bot for DCSS relays and admin commands
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Cerebot is a Discord chat bot that can relay queries to the IRC knowledge bots for DCSS. See the command guide for details on using Cerebot from Discord. The remaining instructions on this page are only relevant if you want to run a custom instance of this bot.


Cerebot can listen to one or more channels on an discord server for which it is authorized, and can also respond to private channel queries. It supports rate-limiting responses to excessive messages on the IRC connection. It also supports basic vanity role modification commands.

Cerebot is single-threaded and uses asyncio to manage an event loop with concurrent tasks.


The following are required:

  • Python 3.4 or later
  • asyncio module (3.4.3 tested)
  • irc module (13.1 tested)
  • pytoml module (0.1.5 tested)
  • discord module (0.16 tested)
  • beem module

All packages above except beem are available in PyPI. You can install beem directly from its github repository using pip3. For example:

pip3 install --user git+https://github.com/gammafunk/beem.git


Copy the cerebot_config.toml.sample file to cerebot_config.toml and edit the necessary fields based on how you'd like to run the bot. The config file format is toml, and the various fields you can change are in this file are documented in comments.