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Gammapy workshop, Paris, Feb 2017


  • Location: Paris, Observatoire de Paris and laboratoire APC
  • Start: Monday, Feb 20, 2017, 2 pm
  • End: Friday, Feb 25, 2017
  • Room:
    • Monday : Salle Danjon, Observatoire de Paris
    • Tuesday : Salle du Levant, Observatoire de Paris
    • Wednesday-Friday: Meeting Room, François Arago Centre, 3rd floor, 13 rue Watt, Paris
  • Contact for questions and registration: Régis Terrier (, Julien Lefaucheur (


The objective is to have a first [Gammapy] ( coding sprint with the first 3 days dedicated to a general overview, tutorials and discussion on on-going projects. The rest of the week will be dedicated to coding sessions.

How to get there:

To allow access to the meeting rooms and to have access to the network (if you don't have eduroam) please register by sending an email to Régis Terrier ( and Julien Lefaucheur ( Suggestions of topics are welcome as well.


Most tutorials given are using the Gammapy tutorial notebooks More further information, see the Gammapy docs

Schedule (preliminary)

Monday Feb 20 (Salle Danjon, Observatoire) 2 pm

  • Project overview & plans (Christoph Deil)
    • General presentation
    • Discussions: what do you want to do with gammapy?
  • Tutorial session
    • Getting a proper installation
    • Basic & rapid introduction to Numpy & Astropy

Tuesday Feb 21 (Salle du Levant, Observatoire) 9.30 am

Tutorials sessions:

  • First steps with Gammapy
  • IACT DL3 data and IRFs with gammapy (Régis Terrier)
  • IACT 1D spectral analysis with gammapy (Régis Terrier)
  • CTA simulation tools (Julien Lefaucheur)
  • IACT image analysis with gammapy (Léa Jouvin)

Wednesday Feb 22 (APC, Centre François Arago) 9:30 am

  • A prototype of 3D analysis in gammapy (Léa Jouvin)
  • CTApipe overview (Karl Kosack)
  • Provenance (Jose Enrique Ruiz)
  • How to contribute to Gammapy? (Christoph Deil)
    • Gammapy code, tests, docs overview
    • Test-driven development of a Point class, pytest
    • Git, Github, make a first pull request

Thursday 23 & Friday 24 (APC, Centre François Arago) 9:30 am

  • How to improve project management? (All)
  • Open sessions & projects
  • Try Gammapy for your science analysis
  • Make your first pull request with Gammapy
  • Discuss and define new features (e.g. pulsar analysis, etc)


  • Christoph Deil
  • Régis Terrier
  • Julien Lefaucheur
  • Bruno Khelifi
  • Santiago Pita
  • Léa Jouvin
  • Tarek Hassan
  • Anne Lemière
  • Fabio Acero
  • Karl Kosack
  • Thierry Stolarczyk
  • Catherine Boisson
  • Zeljka Bosjnak
  • Andreas Zech
  • Matteo Cerruti
  • Jean-Philippe Lenain
  • Marion Jacob
  • Arache Djannati-Ataï
  • Michelle Tsirou
  • Thomas Vuillaume
  • Jose Enrique Ruiz
  • Kai Brügge