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Welcome to the Gammapy wiki!

We use the wiki a little bit for developer notes and project planning.

Other resources:

Project planning

Gammapy development mostly happens via Github issues and pull requests. Every issue has a person and milestone assigned (but the assignee doesn't "own" that part of the code ... everyone can make pull requests with additions or proposing changes any time).


  • 2015-11 - PyGamma15 workshop @ Heidelberg (webpage)
  • 2016-04 - IACT DL3 meeting @ Meudon (webpage)
  • 2016-06 - PyGamma coding sprint 1 @ Heidelberg (wiki page)
  • 2016-07 - PyGamma coding sprint 2 @ Heidelberg (wiki page)


Gammapy has participated in Google summer of code 2015 and 1016.


Sometimes we use this wiki to take some notes. It's a pretty random collection of stuff that we'll probably move to the official docs or remove at some point.