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This repository contains our R Package for Downloading, Running, and Installing the intRo Statistical Software. You can use this to download and run your own instance of intRo. If you intend to use intRo for a class, you can also deploy your own customized instance of intRo to the service using this package. Note that if you only wish to demo the intRo statistical software, you can use our hosted instance available at


Currently, intRo is not available on CRAN, but can be installed directly from github using the devtools package.



There are three basic functions provided in the package:

  • download_intRo - Downloads a current revision of intRo to your machine
  • run_intRo - Runs an intRo session locally with the specified options
  • deploy_intRo - Deploys an instance of intRo to with the specified options

The simplest way to download and run intRo is as follows:

download_intRo() # downloads intRo to your current working directory
run_intRo() # runs intRo with the default options

Once intRo is downloaded, it can be ran with the specified modules by passing the enabled_modules option. A theme from the shinythemes package can also be specified:

run_intRo(enabled_modules = c("data/transform", "summaries/graphical"), theme = "cerulean")

Deploying intRo accepts the same arguments as run_intRo, and an additional argument to specify a Google Analytics tracking id, if desired.