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XMPP bot so easy happy fun times!
Latest commit 3059b9e Sep 13, 2011 @gammons Version bump to 0.2.0

Happy fun time bot

Have happy fun times with this configurable XMPP bot! It is SO easy to use, especially for Hipchat!

Lets take a look!

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'rubygems'
require 'happy_fun_time_bot'

@bot = => "", 
                           :nick => "HappyFunTime Bot", 
                           :room => "", 
                           :password => "xxxx")

@bot.add_responder('heybot') do |from, args|
  "Oh HAI #{from}!!!"
Bob: !heybot what's up?
HappyFunTime Bot:  Oh HAI Bob!!!

So many IdeazzZz!!

Add responders to insert random images of dogs in costumes!

Bob: !findimage dog costume
HappyFunTime Bot: Here ya go!

Kick off a build!

Bob: !build_the_app
HappyFunTime Bot: All tests PASSED!

Deploy your app!

Bob: !deploy
HappyFunTime Bot: Deploying now!

Bot creation Options:

  • :jid - Required.
  • :nick - The nickname for the bot to use.
  • :room - Required. The room to enter.
  • :password - The bot's password.
  • :command_regex - The regular expression to test for a command. The default is a ! followed by a word. e.g. /^!(.+)$/


Copyright (c) 2011 Grant Ammons. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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