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Simple task management for tech folks.

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Ultralist is a task management system for technical people. It is command-line component that is very fast and stays out of the way.

Ultralist is based off of the Getting Things Done system, and is centered around the following concepts:

  • due dates
  • projects and contexts
  • statuses
  • task recurrence

The CLI is fast, powerful and intuitive. It will also always be open source.


All of Ultralist's documentation is available on the Ultralist website.

Ultralist Pro

You can optionally combine the Ultralist CLI with Ultralist Pro. Doing so adds the following benefits:

  • Easily keep CLI lists in sync across multiple computers.
  • Manage your list with a slick web app.
  • Use the Ultralist mobile apps.
  • Use the Slack integration. Add + manage tasks directly from Slack.
  • Use our robust API to enable more complex workflows.

Ultralist Pro provides a superior task management experience to Todoist, etc. The command-line will app always be first and foremost.

Is it good?

Yes. Yes it is.


  • Mac OS: Run brew install ultralist. (Or port install ultralist if you are using MacPorts.)
  • Arch Linux: May be installed from AUR ultralist
  • FreeBSD: Run pkg install ultralist or cd /usr/ports/deskutils/ultralist && make install clean
  • Other systems: Get the correct ultralist binary from the releases page.
  • If you have Golang installed: Run go get

Then, follow the quick start in the docs to quickly get up and running.

How is this different from todo.txt, Taskwarrior, etc?

todo.txt is great. But it didn't work well for my needs.

Here's how ultralist compares specifically to todo.txt:

  1. Due dates. they are a core concept of ultralist but not todo.txt.
  2. Synchronizing. Syncing is built into the CLI using the service.
  3. Active development. the ultralist CLI is under active development, whereas todo.txt's CLI is not.

Taskwarrior is a similar system, however it is less intuitive and not maintained.


Please send complaints, complements, rants, etc to Grant Ammons


Ultralist is open source, and uses the MIT license.