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For package building see the 'Docs/packaging-howto' file.
0/ If you got an CVS version
./configure [ option ]
where basic options:
Install path prefix. Default /usr/local/
Compile without GTK (X11) programs
Set if you don't have/want GNU gettext support
Set if you want to enable all security features
Set if you want debug code in gnokii
show all options
Good default (example):
./configure --prefix=/usr \
make (or make gnokii-debug to create staticlly linked binary
-- mainly for debugging)
groupadd gnokii - it is really needed
(make dep - if you want/need)
make install or make install-suid or make install-strip or
make install-ss (suid + strip)
make install-docs
clean source:
make clean - standard clean
make distclean - clean all ./configure outputs
(after this command you must run
./configure again if you need use
any Makefile)
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