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Gammu All Mobile Management Utilities
Gammu is library and command line utility for mobile phones. It is
released under GNU GPL version 2.
It has been initiated by Marcin Wiacek and other people. Originally the
code was based on Gnokii <> and later MyGnokii
<> projects. Gammu was former (up to version
0.58) called MyGnokii2.
Currently the project is lead by Michal Cihar <> with
help of many contributors.
[More information]
On <> there is wiki and bug tracker, current Gammu
maintainer keeps information available on <>.
Current releases can be downloaded from several mirrors, primary
download site currently is <>.
Developers might be interested in snapshot or version control system
(Bazaar is currently used), information about accessing these is
available at <>.
There are two types of releases - testing and stable. Stable releases
have number x.y.0, while testing are x.y.z. Testing releases usually
provide latest features, but everything does not have to be stabilized
Use <> or mailing list for reporting problems.
It useful to send logs of gammu executed with enabled debugging. You can
to it by adding "textall" as first parameter, eg.:
gammu textall --identify
Some information is available on wiki and in docs/docs/english/gammu.htm
and readme.htm.
Name Gammu is not connected with Gammu from "Heretics of Dune" written
by Frank Herbert.
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