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#ifndef _gammu_common_h
#define _gammu_common_h
#include <gammu.h>
#include "../helper/string.h"
extern volatile gboolean gshutdown;
extern GSM_StateMachine *gsm;
extern INI_Section *cfg;
extern gboolean batch;
extern gboolean batchConn;
extern gboolean always_answer_yes;
const char *GetMonthName(const int month);
const char *GetDayName(const int day);
void Print_Error(GSM_Error error);
void GSM_Init(gboolean checkerror);
void GSM_Terminate(void);
void GetStartStop(int *start, int *stop, int num, int argc, char *argv[]);
* Requests response from user on single question.
gboolean answer_yes(const char *format, ...);
* Prints information about security status.
void PrintSecurityStatus(void);
* Converts string to memory type.
GSM_MemoryType MemoryTypeFromString(const char *type);
* Interrupt handler, sets shutdown flag.
void interrupt(int sign);
* Downloads file from arbitrary URL.
* \param url URL to download.
* \param file Storage for data.
* \returns ERR_NONE on success.
GSM_Error GSM_ReadHTTPFile(const char *url, GSM_File *file);
* Cleanup performed at program termination.
void Cleanup(void);
* Cleanups and terminates program.
void Terminate(int code);
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