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Nokia 7650 via f-bus is not known #391

Nokia7650-User opened this Issue Mar 5, 2018 · 0 comments


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Nokia7650-User commented Mar 5, 2018

I connected a not booted Nokia 7650 with an USB serial f-bus/m-bus adapter to a linux computer.
When trying gammu getrootfolders the result is

Unknown model type string. Check config file.

The config file contains:

connection = fbus
device = /dev/ttyUSB0
logfile = gammulog
logformat = textall

In the logfile was written:

[Gammu - 1.30.0 built 08:38:46 Oct 10 2011 using GCC 4.6]
[Connection - "fbus"]
[Connection index - 0]
[Model type - ""]
[Device - "/dev/ttyUSB0"]
[Running on - Linux, kernel 4.8.17-tinycore64 (#2017 SMP Sun Mar 5 17:17:31 UTC 2017)]
Setting speed to 115200
Serial device: DTR is up, RTS is down, CAR is down, CTS is down
[Module - "auto"]
Getting model
SENDING frametype 0xD1/length 0x05/5
00 |01 |00 |03 |00 .....
[Received Ack of type d1, seq 80]
[Sending Ack of type d2, seq 3]
RECEIVED frametype 0xD2/length 0x30/48
01 |00 |00 |03 |56V|20 |70p|72r|6Fo|64d|5F_|322|300|300|333|5F_ ....V prod_2003_
77w|6Bk|311|355|0A |2D-|300|377|2D-|300|344|2D-|300|333|0A |4EN wk15.-07-04-03.N
48H|4CL|2D-|322|4EN|41A|0A |28(|63c|29)|20 |4EN|4DM|50P|2E.|00 HL-2NA.(c) NMP..
Received model NHL-2NA
Received firmware date -07-04-03
Received firmware version prod_2003_wk15
Number version is "200315,000000"
[Connected model - "NHL-2NA"]
[Firmware version - "prod_2003_wk15"]
[Firmware date - "-07-04-03"]
WARNING: phone not known, please report it to authors (see Thank you.
Init:GSM_RegisterAllPhoneModules failed with error UNKNOWNMODELSTRING[19]: Unknown model type string. Check config file.

The filesystems are too full on the phone and prevent the boot up.
Should it be possible to remove some files from the phone, by entering some known model in the config file, if that known model uses the same f-bus commands as the Nokia 7650?


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