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Perl/Bash Tools related to NASA's APOD(Astronomy Picture Of the Day): Store/archive the APOD (with explanation), set it as your background image and so on.
Perl Shell
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linnea_annotate: Set exit status to failure when usage is printed.

apod_setbg: trashed the entire concept of this script having its own
arguments: ALL of them are instead passed directly to linnea_annotate.
Also added DISPLAY and PATH checks just like in apod_archive_setbg so
that this script can run without being globally installed.
apod_archive_setbg: updated to use direct linnea_annotate arguments
instead of wrapping around apod_setbg.
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A quick description of the content of this repo.

	A Perl module for accessing the Astronomy Picture Of the Day as
	well as its description.

	A Perl script which saves the image and description file either of
	todays APOD, or the APOD specified by an optional URL argument. 
	It also has an archiving mode, which creates a 'latest/'-subdirectory
       	in the download path which contains symlinks to the downloaded files.

	A Perl script which saves the image and description files for each APOD
	provided by NASAs APOD RSS feed into the current directory.

	A bash script which generates a resized (to your desktop or a custom 
	size, by using linnea_annotate) and optionally annotated image which it 
	then sets as the desktop background.

	Runs apod_get --archive and apod_setbg. It takes an APOD URL as an 
	optinal argument and passes it on to apod_get. 
	I run this from my local crontab ('crontab -e').

	A text annotator written in Perl; it produces a scaled and annotated 
	copy of a supplied image. Although this turned out as a part of the 
	APOD code, it's now a generally useful standalone program for creating
	captioned images.

	A free truetype font which is used by default for the annotator.


linnea_annotate (used by apod_setbg) can't automatically determine the desktop
size (the '--desktop-size' option) if it's run from an other user since it needs
all your environment variables and such to do it. Use the '-s'-option for 
apod_setbg to set the desktop dimension manually.

You can modify how the background is to be set by setting the APOD_BG_SET
environment variable. For example:
    $ export APOD_BG_SET="hsetroot --center"
apod_setbg will try a few alternatives if it isn't set.
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