Lenovo Ideapad z370 configuration for slackware64
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Lenovo Ideapad z370 configuration for slackware64


  • Kernel configuration
  • Initrd configuration (invoked by mkinitrd -c -k <kernel revision> -F)
  • Modified rc-files
  • Local and global profile scripts
  • Modified xwmconfig/xdm scripts which add an option for pekwm
  • Machine information
  • Etc

This is a work in progress.


Quick summary

Resistive touch buttons are buggy but apart from that, this laptop works quite well. I don't know yet how the hybrid stuff is supposed to function, but it would seem (although I can be wrong) that the intel graphics are performing quite spectacularly - stellarium runs att full vsync framerate!


  • Networking
  • Wireless (ath9k, cfg80211) - hardware kill toggle also works
  • Video
  • Intel graphics (i915)
  • Power-management
  • Hibernate
  • Suspend
  • Disable screen when lid closes
  • Battery & AC status
  • Ondemand CPU frequency scaling
  • Multimedia
  • Memory card reader (rts5139)
  • Webcam (uvcvideo)
  • Audio
  • FN-key combinations
  • LCD brightness keys seem to work (even without ```ideapad_laptop```) on the hardware level
  • WiFi toggle, Volume, Play/Pause, Prev/Next etc (```XF86WIFI```, ```XF86AudioLowerVolume```, ```XF86AudioRaiseVolume```, ```XF86AudioPlay``` etc)
* The small button to the right of the power-button works and identifies as ```XF86Launch1``` * Synaptics touchpad
  • Multitouch works, Sidescroll works (with ```xinput --set-prop "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad" "Synaptics Edge Scrolling" 1 1 1```)

    Partially working

    • Networking
    • Wired (r8169)
    • Works, but exhibits high packet loss on new connections during high bandwidth load
    * Multimedia * Hotkeys (resistive-touch buttons) - buggy. See [this video](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx2vYzSv0mo)

    Not working

    • GPU switch appears to do nothing


    • Networking
    • Bluetooth (detected but untested)
    • Multimedia
    • Microphone
    • HDMI Audio/Video output
    • eSATA port