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I used the following OpenStack setup for the blog post series about Openstack Juno DVR.


DNAT- Floating IPs:


In my setup all the controller services and the network services ran on one machine.

  1. Clone the devstack into the controller node and into all the compute nodes

    cd /opt/stack git clone

  2. Checkout the stable Juno relase

    cd devstack git checkout stable/juno

  3. Copy the appropriate local.conf file controller/compute and modified it to match your host ip setup.

clone this repository

cd /opt/stack 

git clone

cd devstack-dvr-multinode

On the controller node

cp controller-node/local.conf  /opt/stack/devstack 

On the compute nodes

cp compute-nodes/local.conf  /opt/stack/devstack 

Edit the local.conf file to match your setup

vi /opt/stack/devstack/local.conf

Modify the following values (where applicable):

HOST_IP <- The management IP address of the current node
FIXED_RANGE <- The overlay network address and mask
FIXED_NETWORK_SIZE <- Size of the overlay network
NETWORK_GATEWAY <- Default gateway for the overlay netowrk
FLOATING_RANGE <- Network address and range for Floating IP addresses (in the public network)
Q_FLOATING_ALLOCATION_POOL <- range to allow allocation of floating IP from (within FLOATING_RANGE)
PUBLIC_NETWORK_GATEWAY <- Default gateway for the public network
SERVICE_HOST <- Management IP address of the controller node
MYSQL_HOST <- Management IP address of the controller node
RABBIT_HOST <- Management IP address of the controller node
GLANCE_HOSTPORT <- Management IP address of the controller node (Leave the port as-is)
  1. Run (Make sure to complete on the controller before compute nodes)

    cd /opt/stack/devstack ./

  2. Set up the external bridge

Assuming the external network is connected to eth3

    ifconfig br-ex promisc up
    ifconfig eth3
    ifconfig eth3 promisc 
    ifconfig br-ex <address on ext>  netmask <mask>
    ovs-vsctl add-port br-ex eth3

Re-add the default route if needed

  1. Update the neurton configuration to DVR mode

I modified the following configuration On the controller Node

  • /etc/neutron/neutron.conf

    router_distributed = True

    dvr_base_mac = fa:16:3f:00:00:00

  • /etc/neutron/l3_agent.ini

    agent_mode = dvr_snat

    router_delete_namespaces = True

  • /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini


    mechanism_drivers =openvswitch,l2population


    l2_population = True

    enable_distributed_routing = True

    arp_responder = True

I modified the following configuration On all the Compute Node

  • /etc/neutron/l3_agent.ini

    agent_mode = dvr

    router_delete_namespaces = True

  • /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini


    mechanism_drivers = openvswitch,l2population


    l2_population = True

    enable_distributed_routing = True

  1. For the floating ip association I used the neutron command line due to the horizon bug associating FIP

    neutron floatingip-associate

Which creates a mapping between a floating IP and a fixed IP.