Data Visualization Packages

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Visualizing data can be a daunting task. Currently there exist a number of packages that can help.

gampleman/elm-visualization is a great choice, but perhaps someone has implemented something that suits your particular problem better? Here's a list of community packages and resources that can help you pick a data viz package for the job.

🏗 - Not published in package catalog
⚓️ - Requires JS through ports
🗃 - Uses JS via a custom element

General Purpose


A "Grammar of Graphics" based approach to data visualization, where you can compose a small set of primitive visual marks and that data can be encoded as some visual attribute of those marks.


With smart defaults inspired by Edward Tufte, this package tries to be an opinionated guide for common data viz needs.


A very simple library, but has some of the basics covered.

gicentre/elm-vega ⚓️

This is a type safe elm wrapper around the Vega-lite specification language that then is passed into the JS Vega client.

Particular Visualizations


An arc diagram for visualizing acyclic digraphs.


Drawing diagrams of trees.


A HexBin plot is a scatter plot where the data is distributed over a grid of regular hexagons. This clustering makes it easier to spot the density of your data.


Treemaps are a method of visualizing data to communicate the relative size of some value.


Word-size data graphics - sparklines.


Candlestick chart.



An elm library for interactive maps.

klaftertief/slippery-slope 🏗

A WIP maps package.

gampleman/elm-mapbox ⚓️ 🗃

Wrapper around MapboxGL.js for high quality/high performance web maps.


These packages don't actually do data visualization, but can be useful in this domain.

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