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Generate colorful text placeholders 🎨
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React Spectrum

A tiny(around 1.2kb gzip) React library to generate colorful text placeholders 🎨

Inspired by this code illustration on CodeSandbox homepage πŸ™

Try out the generator at 🎊 Also, check out @BotSpectrum twitter bot that tweets randomly generated colorful text placeholders for inspiration 🎊

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Table of Contents



npm install react-spectrum


yarn add react-spectrum

UMD build

<script src=""></script>


import React from "react";
// Import library
import Spectrum from "react-spectrum";
// or const Spectrum = require('react-spectrum');

// Render the placeholder
function Placeholder() {
  return (
      colors={["#757575", "#999999", "#0871F2", "#BF5AF2"]}


Property Type Default Description
width number 500 Width of the placeholder container
colors Array<string> ['#eee'] Possible colors of words, will be picked randomly
wordWidths Array<number> [30, 60, 90, 120, 150] Possible widths of words, will be picked randomly
wordDistances Array<number> [4, 8, 12] Possible distance between words, will be picked randomly
wordHeight number 12 Height of every word placeholder
wordRadius number 20 Border radius of every word
lineDistance number 12 Distance(margin) between the lines
linesPerParagraph number 8 Lines per paragraph. if there are multiple paragraphs, all of them will have same number of lines
paragraphs number 1 Number of paragraphs in the placeholder
paragraphDistance number 24 Distance(margin) between the paragraphs
truncateLastLine boolean true Show less words in the last line for more natural feel
renderWord function ({ key, style}) => <span key={key} style={style} /> Render word with customizations(avoid overriding passed style properties. it might break the functionality)


Thanks for taking the time to contribute, please check out the src to understand how things work.

Reporting Issues

Found a problem? Want a new feature? First of all, see if your issue or idea has already been reported. If don't, just open a new clear and descriptive issue.

Submitting pull requests

Pull requests are the greatest contributions, so be sure they are focused in scope and do avoid unrelated commits.

  • Fork it!
  • Clone your fork: git clone<your-username>/react-spectrum
  • Navigate to the newly cloned directory: cd react-spectrum
  • Create a new branch for the new feature: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  • Install the tools necessary for development: yarn
  • Make your changes.
  • Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  • Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  • Submit a pull request with full remarks documenting your changes


MIT License Β© Ganapati V S

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