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Nik Graf nikgraf
Passionate about ReasonML, GraphQL, UX, Skiing & Triathlons

Consulting / Freelance Vienna / San Francisco

aniket sharma Aniket965
Creator by ❤️


Kent C. Dodds kentcdodds
Making software dev more accessible · Mormon, Husband, Father, Teacher · OSS, GDE, @tc39 · @paypal @eggheadio @FrontendMasters @javascriptair · #JS

@paypal Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Andrey Okonetchnikov okonet
Front-end developer and UI/UX designer

Vienna, Austria

Sartaj Singh Baveja sartaj10
Software Engineer

@esnet San Francisco, California

Shaw shshaw

@BrokenSquare, @ellcreative Houston, TX

Christopher Wallis notoriousb1t
Open source contributor. I 💖 #Animation, #CSS, and #TypeScript!

Tampa, FL United States

Gert Hengeveld ghengeveld
Senior Full Stack Developer at @xebia with a passion for UI development.

Xebia Netherlands Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Tom Ross umpox

@sky-uk Leeds, UK

Diego Marcos dmarcos

Supermedium San Francisco

@hemanth hemanth
A computer polyglot CLI, web and unix philosophy ❤️'r. Part of @yeoman. Google Developer Expert. Community leader @duckduckgo Co-organizer of @bangalorejs

@paypal India

Pooya Parsa pi0
Full Stack JS Developer, Technical Adviser @fandogh, #Docker #Node #HAPI #VUE Fan, Opensource Enthusiast.

@fandogh earth

Guille Paz pazguille
Frontend Web Developer & Web standards lover - Tech Lead at @mercadolibre

@mercadolibre Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ben Kelly wanderview

Google Rochester, NY

Dean deanhume
Dean Hume is an author, Google Developer Expert, and all-around web performance geek.


Ken Wheeler kenwheeler
My life is dope and I do dope shit

Formidable Jersey Shore

Pedro Nauck pedronauck
Javascript and open source enthusiast ♥ Creator of docz and reworm.

@one-market Florianópolis/SC

Matt Andrews matthew-andrews
Software engineer making apps – that aren’t apps – and more at the FT. 会说汉语.

Financial Times Tokyo, Japan

Jamie jamiebuilds
Code Ruins Everything Around Me
Manraj Singh manrajgrover
Open Source Community Leader @duckduckgo // Contributor @tensorflow, mainly tfjs-core (formally deeplearnjs), @mozilla, @jquery and more // ❤JavaScript & Python

@practo Bangalore, India

Frank Schmid HyperBrain
Engaged in software development since the 80's using a vast amount of languages like C/C++, JavaScript/Node.js, Java, Assembly language, ... and I still love it

@stashimi Germany

Concurrency Labs concurrencylabs
We help you launch and grow your applications on AWS.

Concurrency Labs Ltd. Canada

Linus Torvalds torvalds

Linux Foundation Portland, OR

Azer Koçulu azer
Founder of

Kozmos Berlin

Steven Wolfe starboy

@tile38 Phoenix, Arizona

Joshua Comeau joshwcomeau
Software developer. Makes stuff.

@Khan Montreal, QC

Nitin Tulswani nitin42
Focused on context sensitive information | Makes open source tools | Information design | processing |

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Lauri Kinnunen vividbytes
AWS and Web Development consultant

Helsinki, Finland

Andrey Popp andreypopp

St. Petersburg, Russia

Travis Arnold souporserious
Obsessed with design and development 🤓

@planningcenter Carlsbad, CA

Oskar Krawczyk oskarkrawczyk
Created a bunch of things: ☁️@jsfiddle - 💬@headwayappco - 📈@unamohq

@jsfiddle Warsaw, Poland

André Staltz staltz
Not Microsoft's property.

Helsinki, Finland

Kornel kornelski
Rust, image compression, web performance.

@ImageOptim United Kingdom

Kayce Basques kaycebasques

Google San Carlos, California

Rinto Jose rintoj
A creative technology enthusiast and an experienced software architect with solid cross-technology experience. Derives greatest joy in learning


Gajus Kuizinas gajus
Software architect. Passionate about JavaScript and Hack. Active open-source contributor. Rx, React, GraphQL, Redux. Founder of .

Anuary Ltd London

Mikeal Rogers mikeal
Creator of NodeConf and request.

Protocol Labs San Francisco

Paul Irish paulirish

Google Chrome, ♥z Palo Alto

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus
Maker · Full-Time Open-Sourcerer · Into Swift and Node.js

@avajs @xojs @chalk ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸ ★ :.  . • ○ ° ★

Andrey Sitnik ai
The creator of Autoprefixer, PostCSS, and Logux

@evilmartians New York, USA