Ganbox AdSense plugin for Question2Answer
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Ganbox AdSense plugin version 1.0 for Question2Answer ( Tested on Question2Answer version 1.6.3 (minimum version: 1.5 required) Author: Georgi Stefanov Author website: Date: 2014-08-15 Plugin License: GPLv2

Description: Provides a widget for displaying Google AdSense ads with asynchronous JavaScript code. This plugin is based on Basic AdSense plugin, but using new AdSense JavaScript code for asynchronous loading of banners without delaying other elements of the webpage. Supports horizontal and vertical banners.

Installation: 1. Upload ganbox-async-adsense directory on your web server in qa-plugin directory. 2. Enter the admin panel of your website, activate plugin under Plugins tab and enter AdSense data in plugin options.