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PHP and SQLite guestbook script
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This is a simple website guestbook script in PHP and SQLite. The script comprises 4 files:

  • guestbook.php - to display the guestbook entries
  • guestbook-sign.php - to make a new entry in the guestbook
  • guestbook-edit.php - an admin function to maintain guestbook entries
  • form.css with CSS - for the input form.

For security the guestbook SQLite database and the guestbook-edit.php script should reside in the admin subdirectory which should be password protected.

The guestbook SQLite database and guestbook table are created the first time the guestbook.php script is run.

When a new entry is made in the guestbook an email is sent to the adminstrator (this code can be removed if this facility is not required) and by default a new entry needs approval before it is displayed on the public page. The guestbook-edit.php script is used to delete or approve entries. It probably needs changing to use PHPMailer rather than the PHP mail() function.

The script is ready to use except that the to and from email addresses need setting in guestbook-sign.php.

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