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Development fork of django-schedule

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T3P modifications

Idea of this branch is to create a different task of personal scheduling TODO application. Right now the front page consists of ‘fullclaendar’ UI and django-todo+django-schedule app. Idea is that you can drop your todo items to your schedule and define when to work on things.

Quick and dirty usage:

  • sudo easy_install pytz
  • sudo easy_install vobject
  • cd django-schedule
  • export PYTHONPATH=..
  • cd project_sample
  • ./ syncdb
  • ./ load_example_data (optional, you can now also create calendars using /admin/ if you don’t like ‘example’)
  • ./ runserver
  • Go to /admin/ and create a new group and assign your user to it. This will make django-todo happy.
  • Go to /todo/ and create a list. Then you can create new items and with it content for the /

Some notes

this is more of a hack to see if we can get a prototype working within a few hours of work. For now all the scheduling is limited to ‘example’ calendar as it’s hardcoded in some slugs.

Nifty features from django-schedule:

  • iCal feed: /schedule/ical/calendar/1/
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