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#SharePoint TypeScript TypeScript declarations for SharePoint JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) + lots of samples.

##Getting started Install NuGet package using package manager

PM> Install-Package sharepoint.TypeScript.DefinitelyTyped

or from npm @types

npm install @types/sharepoint --save

If you are using Visual Studio SharePoint projects you need to enable TypeScript build actions:

  1. Edit csproj source file (right-click on your project in VS -> Unload project, right click again -> Edit YourProject.csproj)
  2. Include the following code:
<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath32)\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v$(VisualStudioVersion)\TypeScript\Microsoft.TypeScript.targets" />
  1. Reload project
  2. Don't forget to set "Deployment Type" to "No Deployment" for .d.ts files


TypeScript Templates is a set of Client-Side Rendering (CSR) templates and helper functions to change behaviour of standard forms. Install using NuGet

PM> Install-Package typescripttemplates

or using bower

bower install typescripttemplates --save

##Definitions coverage

  1. JavaScript Side Object Model (JSOM) core classes
  • SP namespace, core classes (sp.js, SP.Runtime.js)
  • SP.WebParts namespace (sp.js)
  • SP.Utilities namespace (sp.js)
  • SP.SOD namespace (init.js, included on every SharePoint page)
  • SP.RequestExecutor class (sp.requestexecutor.js)
  • mQuery framework (mquery.js, SharePoint 2013+ analogue for jQuery)
  • SP.ListOperation (sp.core.js)
  • Global variables - _spPageContextInfo, _spBodyOnLoadFunctions, _spBodyOnLoadComplete
  1. Social object library
  • SP.Sharing namespace (sp.js)
  • SP.UserProfiles namespace (sp.userprofiles.js)
  • SP.Social namespace (sp.userprofiles.js)
  • Reputation model (reputation.js)
  1. SharePoint Client Side Rendering
  • SPClientTemplates module (clienttemplates.js and clinetforms.js)
  • Default form Templates (from clientsforms.js)
  1. Workflows
  • SP.Workflow (sp.js) - 2010 style workflows
  • SP.WorkflowServices (sp.workflowservices.js) - 2013 style workflows
  1. SharePoint UI elements:
  • SP.UI.Notify (sp.core.js, sp.js)
  • SP.UI.Status (sp.core.js, sp.js)
  • SP.UI.Menu (sp.core.js, sp.js)
  • SP.UI.ModalDialog (sp.ui.dialog.js)
  • SP.UI.ApplicationPages (sp.js)
  • CalloutManager (callout.js)
  • SP.UI.Controls (sp.ui.controls.js)
  • SPClientAutoFill (autofill.js)
  • SPAnimation (sp.core.js)
  • Client People Picker (clientpeoplepicker.js)
  1. SharePoint Search
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search (
  1. Business Connectivity Services
  • SP.BusinessData (sp.js)
  1. SharePoint Managed Metadata
  • SP.Taxonomy (sp.taxonomy.js)
  1. SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure
  • SP.Publishing (sp.publishing.js)
  • SP.DocumentManagement (sp.documentmanagement.js)
  • SP.Policy (sp.policy.js)
  1. SharePoint online core library extensions

  2. JsGrid\SPGantt (incomplete)

##Samples Besides the definitions, the project also contains many great samples of SharePoint JSOM usage. No doubt, all of them are made with TypeScript!

Currently we have the following samples:

  1. JSOM: Basic tasks in SharePoint using JSOM with TypeScript
  2. JSOM: Working with taxonomy with TypeScript
  3. mQuery: Sample dynamic table
  4. Client controls: Autofill sample
  5. Client Side Rendering: Custom list view
  6. Client Side Rendering: Complexity field
  7. Client Side Rendering: Conditional formatting
  8. Client Side Rendering: Form with tabs
  9. Client Side Rendering: Custom Field with Validator
  10. Client Side Rendering: Lookup field with search
  11. Workflow Services: Retrieve list of available workflow actions
  12. Search: Using search JSOM with TypeScript
  13. User Profiles: Retrieve properties for current user
  14. Social: Determine if the current user follows a site and follow it, if not yet
  15. App Part: App part with people picker
  16. Reputation: like items in list (thanks to Evgeny Vilkov!)
  17. Publishing: Create a publishing page

Samples project is made as a SharePoint-hosted app. Download project, open .sln file and run.

##Authors Stanislav Vyshchepan is SharePoint Server MVP, author, speaker, trainer, CEO and founder of own consulting company in Russia.

Andrey Markeev is SharePoint Server MVP, online expert, active blogger, published author, frequent speaker. He works as a Senior SharePoint Consultant at NED Software Consulting Oy (Helsinki, Finland).


TypeScript declarations for SharePoint JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) + lots of samples.


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