The LIN protocol implemented over Arduino APIs (Serial and Digital IO)
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This is a LIN ( protocol
master implementation that supports LIN 1.X or LIN 2.X frame types.  

It is built on top of the "Arduino" Serial and digital IO APIs.  These 
"underface" APIs form a useful abstraction layer for any chip.  So its better to
implement them for your new microcontroller and then get LIN for free using this
library than to implement LIN over a raw register set.

The library supports injection of immediate LIN frames, or a "skew heap" based
schedule table.  The skew heap schedule table differs from what is suggested
by the LIN specification (which defines a linked list of LIN frames and time
intervals between them).  This implementation provides a similar "pile" of 
LIN frames, but instead of being a static list, the skew heap essentially 
dynamically sorts the frames to find the next scheduled frame.  This allows
frames to be easily inserted and removed from the schedule, and frame interval 
periods (the time between 2 issues of the same frame) to be changed
dynamically.  It also means that the frame interval period does not depend on
the total length of the schedule table (as it does for the specced linked list
implementation) which eliminates an unnecessary interaction between otherwise
independent LIN devices.

The library was tested on a Lightuino 5 (Arduino Duemilanove/Uno compatible 
board) using a LIN slave LED of unknown provenance.  So you will have to change
the test code to generate frames for whatever LIN device you have on hand.