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Social_Media_App for Developers aka Geeks, to connect to other developers.

Live WebApp link here:


Create Developer's profile with your information as username/handle, professional-status i.e Student/Coder/

Intern/Manager/Instructor/Senior Developer.

Also, additional information as Current_Company, Job_location, Technical-skill, GitHub-Username, Short_Bio, other socialMedia accounts links, eg. twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube.

Edit Profile, Add Experience with details as Company name, your designation, duration.

Add Education details as school, degree, duration, with option as "I currently work here".

Create, Share, Delete Post.

Like, Comment on post in post-feed.

Add github username, to fetch and show your latest projects you working on through Github-API.

showcase skills, other projects.

Password Hashing, using Bcrypt.

CI/CD on heroku, Continuous Integration with Continuous Deployment, using Heroku-Cloud provider.

one command to update whole app as npm run heroku-postbuild

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How to run on Local machine after cloning repo? connect-geeks then npm install frontend then npm install

3.come outside of frontend directory, cd ..,

run npm run dev, which has scripts to run simultaneously front-end and backend,

4.goto url in browser as localhost:3000, and Create your Geeky-profile now....