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Building a chat application using react with apollo react hooks and hasura
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Building a Chat Application using React,GraphQL and Hasura

This Repository demonstrates how to build a chat application using react with apollo react hooks for GraphQL and Hasura and postgres for backend



Packages for React Application

  • @apollo/react-hooks - it is used to handle all the graphql queries,mutation and subscriptions using react hooks.
  • apollo-link-ws - this package is used to connect web socket with our backend.
  • apollo-link-http - it is used to connect http with our backend.
  • apollo-link - it act as a network interface for graphql request and fetching the result. Here, apollo link is used to split the http and web socket connections.
  • apollo-utilities - this package is used get the information of graphql queries.
  • apollo-cache-memory - it is used for caching the graphql results.

To Run the Application

   npm install
   npm run start
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