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Building REST API in Node/Express Application using Sequelize,Postgres
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Building REST API in Node/Express App using Sequelize,Postgres

This Repository is building REST API Design in Node/Express App using Sequelize and Postgres.



 $ npm install
 $ node_modules/.bin/sequelize init

Sequelize init will creat a folder config,controller,migrations and models

create a file called .sequelizerc

const path = require('path');

module.exports = {
  "config": path.resolve('./server/config', 'config.json'),
  "models-path": path.resolve('./server/models'),
  "seeders-path": path.resolve('./server/seeders'),
  "migrations-path": path.resolve('./server/migrations')

Create a Database testdb in Postgres Dashboard

$ node_modules/.bin/sequelize db:migrate      

To Run Application

$ node index.js
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