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Learn Technology by solving a Business Problem Scenario's(Repository is still under Progress)
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Scenario Based Learning

What is Scenario Based Learning

Whenever I want to learn new technology, I can able to find a lot of resources to learn the syntax of a particular programming language/technology.

But, I couldn’t able to find resources which gives me a production level problem scenarios, from which I can able to learn the technology.

so, I thought why don’t I create a one which will be helpful for developers like me to learn a programming language or technology by practicing a problem scenario.

why it is important

Every time, we learn something. we go and find something to implement in it to get a good grasp of it. From, a beginner perspective. it is great.

But, there is a gap between a beginners who learn the technology to a person who works in the production level application. we really don’t know what kind of a problem the particular technology solves in real industrial applications until we work for a company or in a freelancing project

What I am going to do is, I will be sharing all the problem scenarios that I faced in the production. So, the beginner for the particular technology can replicate the scenario on his own and learn from it.

Basically, he/she is going to gain my experience through learning on his own. So, In the future, if he faces the same problem scenario, he/she can tackle it in an efficient way.

Table of Contents

Tech Stack

Front End-React


React Route Based on the Subdomain - Beginner

Create a Basic Form with React & Formik - Beginner

Google Login & Google Captcha Integration with React Form - Beginner


React File upload and Upload using DropBox , Google Drive Link - Intermediate

Replacing React Component (Min 4) in a Single Route(Conditional Rendering) - Intermediate

Back End-Node.js and MongoDB


Get Users a NearBy Restaurants - Beginner

User Authentication and Authorization - Beginner


API Grouping based on Role - Intermediate

Service to Generate Thumbnail - Node.js / MongoDB - Intermediate

Event Sourcing - Kafka,Socket & Node.js - Intermediate

Adding Watermark in Uploaded Images - Node - Intermediate


Launch your own npm package - Node.js - Advanced

Full Stack-Node and React


Document Management System - Node/React - Intermediate

GeoSearch Service - Node & React - Intermediate

Chat Application with Slack Feature - Node, Socket & React - Intermediate


Video Chat Application - Node & React - Advanced

Online Document Editor - Drag and Drop - Node & React - Advanced

OmniChat for All your Social Account - Node & React - Advanced


Contributions are very welcome: Submit

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