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Code Climate

Git Reminder

A telegram bot that will remind you to contribute code to Github everyday

What does it do?

  • Your Github contribution will be parsed from the URL<user_name>/contributions(Your contributions to private repos may or maynot be counted depending on your settings)
  • Once a contribution success message is sent, you won't receive any more messages for that day
  • If you haven't contributed for the day, you will be notified every one hour. There is a skip_hours array in Configure it to choose the hours during which you don't want to receive notification.


  • A collection of funky messages to choose from (instead of boring the user with the same content again and again)
  • Ask the bot not to disturb for the rest of the day
  • Dockerize
  • One Bot for all the users, instead of each user creating a bot


1. Create a Telegram Bot

  • Install Telegram and add the bot @BotFather to your contacts
  • Text /help to @BotFather. You will create your bot over a chat and obtain the HTTP API Token

2. Download the code

Clone or fork this repo to your machine and install the dependencies.

pip install -r requirements.txt

3. Environment Variables

  • BOT_API_TOKEN: This is the HTTP API Token you obtained when creating the bot
  • USER_ID: Once you have created a Telegram Bot, send a message to the bot and obtain your userId when the bot receives your userId
  • GITHUB_USER_NAME: your github username

Use the following script to get your userId

# Send a message to your bot and run this python script
from twx.botapi import TelegramBot

bot = TelegramBot(os.environ["BOT_API_TOKEN"])

updates = bot.get_updates().wait()
for update in updates:
    # Bot receives your message in this object. User id can be obtained from this update object.

4. Run the program


Docker Container

Instead of step 2, 3 and 4, you can use docker container to run the application. The Docker Image has been published in Dockerhub.

Pull the image

docker pull ganesshkumar/git-reminder

Running the container

docker run -e "BOT_API_TOKEN=<telegram_bot_api_token>" \
           -e "USER_ID=<telegram_user_id>" \
           -e "GITHUB_USER_NAME=<github_username>" \
           -e "PYTHONUNBUFFERED=0" \  # to force stdin, stdout to print to console without buffering 
           -e "TZ=Asia/Kolkata" \     # set the timezone else timezone will be UTC
           --name git-reminder  \


A telegram bot reminds you to contribute code everyday



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