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GanetiCon 2018

The GanetiCon 2018 was held on September 25th and 26th in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Talks & Sessions

Following you will find a list / short summaries of the sessions held during the first day of the conference

Ganeti setup at sipgate / Best Practices


Ganeti Control Center / Do we need another web interface?


Ressource management in Ganeti


Thoughts on the past and current state of the Ganeti community

sildes from talk "Status of Ganeti"

Live Demo of different ganeti hacks/improvements

  • Demo #1: yet another console solution (using websockify/novnc)

    • idea described at ganeticon 2017
    • goals:
      • small enough to run on ganeti cluster (master node)
      • single point of contact (master IP/name, only one port)
      • secure (HTTPS encryption, HTTP basic auth, ACLs to consoles via groups i.e. LDAP groups, no need to expose VNC to public network -> is enough)
  • Demo #2: grow a disk online (without instance reboot)

    • this solves Issue #28 via a hook script
    • hook script can be found here
  • Demo #3: DRBD out of sync from userspace

    • this is the same as this thread on the ML
    • and this k.o. bug
  • Hint #4: be aware of kvm:cpu_type to use a IBRS (spectre/meltdown) protected CPU type

Current state of the debian packages


(Possible) future of the Ganeti project / community


Scripts and resources shared during the conference

Workshops, sprints etc.

Workshops, sprints etc. held during the second day of the conference. content fixes

Following some findings and comments on the state of various resources for information:

www aka

  • Sanitize next-level links to Documentation, Source, Downloads
  • Clear out what is /rendered/ where and how
  • Identify the actual up-to-date-state of the information, this leads to investigation of "ganeti/docs" and features
  • Move "Development" information to i.e. to "ganeticon/ganeti" (the ganeti source repo, where the development are taking place), and remove CLA
  • Fix/Remove linkage to "wiki" or keep it and bring it up-to-date, too. See "wiki"
  • Issue tracker links is down. Just point the the corresponding github issue page?

wiki aka

  • git remote url is down, but Georg has a local copy and can push it to "ganeticon" (maybe mark it as old and/or legacy)
  • Summarize the state and compare to the other sources

docs aka

  • Needs massive house keeping
  • Volunteers needed to check the truth of the information and keep in sync with Apollon when and how which defaults will be changed.
  • Some kind of best practices or at least various simple setups need to be handled differently
  • Group content into install-, admin-, and maybe even user-guides
  • The website repo includes a dump/backup of rendered content from "docs". Why? How should the old information be keeped to do not brake current documentation state?

Till we have a proper workflow, who has time to have an eye on these topics, too? Any ideas on how to coordinate work? Pair-sessions via voice/video-call? How wants to go through i.e. the install docs and test it on Debian AND Ubuntu to identify missing pieces and errors?

vCluster Howto

We set up an example vCluster to ease testing/development within or around ganeti:

apt-get install ganeti

ip link add gnt type dummy
ip link set dev gnt up

mkdir -p /opt/ganeti-vcluster
cd /usr/lib/ganeti/tools/
./vcluster-setup -c 3 /opt/ganeti-vcluster
cd /opt/ganeti-vcluster

Now follow the commands printed by the vcluster-setup script to initialise the cluster and add the virtual nodes to it. This will leave you with a fake cluster running three nodes on your local single server. In /opt/ganeti-vcluster are some mainteance scripts to start/stop the vCluster. If you are running systemd, please export the following variable before issuing any of the commands:


Ganeti Github repository bug closing sprint


Code diet - how to improve the codebase

We discussed possible ways to cleanup the ganeti codebase:

  • Migrate the qemu management interface from "human monitor" to "QMP"
  • Remove the "human monitor" abstraction library once finished
  • Remove lots of obsolete conditionals which are used to detect/interface older/obsolete kvm versions
  • Ask the mailing list to determine obsolete features (e.g. unused hypervisor integrations)

We also talked about things to improve:

  • What's going on with half-implemented features targeted for 2.17 - remove them? finish them?
  • Python 2.7 is going EOL in 2020 - the Python 3 migration needs to be finished and tested before Python-3-only-distribution-releases freeze package versions
  • Apollon has a git branch available which contains partly automatic, partly manual conversions to Python 3 with ~96% of tests passing so far (Does anyone have the URL?)

Next year's GanetiCon

We discussed options for next year's GanetiCon - if you have other suggestions, feel free to add below:

May 2019, Copenhagen

Petter suggested to integrate the GanetiCon with the NeIC (Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration) conference happening in May 2019 (14th - 16th of May). The conference is governmentally funded so there might be a (small) conference fee for attendants to cover the location and catering. We will update this document as soon as we know more. The GanetiCon would run as a workshop during the conference and can extend up to two days.

Other upcoming meetups/workshops

We might be able to meet/setup workshops during the following future events:

  • Fosdem
  • FrosCon
  • 35C3
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