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pcpiela commented Mar 9, 2014

Order heatmap entries using same criterion as cluster metric graphs

Add new view attribute, common_y_axis: [0|1] When set to 1 the same upper and lower limit will be used for the y-axis for all graphs. The lower and upper limits are automatically adjusted based on the plotted data. When set to 0 (default) each graph is independently scaled.

Upgrade to jstree version 3 for the view explorer.

pcpiela added some commits Jan 18, 2014
pcpiela Heatmap entries are now sorted using the same sort directive (ascendi…
…ng, descending, by name) that is used to sort metric graphs.
pcpiela Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' 95fd6d8
pcpiela Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' e99b3f6
pcpiela Position and size the legend popup in a more space efficient manner efddfb0
pcpiela Add new attribute to view definition, common_y_axis:[0|1] When set to…
… 1 all graphs in the view will have the same upper and lower limits for the y-axis. The limits are adjusted automatically based on the data. The default value is zero meaning that each graph will scale independently.

Upgrade to version 3 of jstree for optionally organizing views.
pcpiela Upgraded to version 3 of jstree to optionally organize views 1c2bf73
pcpiela Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' e0cb4cf
pcpiela Set the default value of display_views_using_tree to false. The value…
… of true was inadvertently set in a prior commit.
pcpiela Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' 3382132
pcpiela Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' a410e9f
pcpiela Upgrade to jstree 3.0.0 GA 72b78b0
pcpiela Fix a bug in the view tree implementation. Trees in separate windows …
…were not using separate cookies to persist state.
@vvuksan vvuksan merged commit 69d886d into ganglia:master May 15, 2014
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