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commandline-eventlogger Small addendum to README Jan 17, 2014
docker Add RRDCACHED_ADDRESS for gmetad to use Apr 28, 2016
ganglia-alert ganglia-alert: added init.d script for debian Jan 25, 2012
ganglia-logtailer Merge pull request #37 from tedski/tomcatlog_regexp_fix May 7, 2017
gmetad_health_checker gmetad health checker Apr 26, 2011
gmetric-python Pick up udp_send_channel from gmond.conf May 8, 2014
nagios update documentation for new Python package May 10, 2011
nagios_stats adding gmetric script to submit statistics about nagios Mar 20, 2014
pmond Add support for 3.1 Sep 1, 2013
varnish_web Clarifications and comments Apr 3, 2015


This is the official repository for hosting all other user-contributed tools and programs.

To have your programs added here, please fork the repository, create separate sub-directories for each program 
and submit a pull request.

If you have any questions, you could reach us at:

(subscription required:

Alternatively, you could join our IRC channel on #ganglia and
ping one of the developers.

Thank you for your contribution!

  -- Ganglia Development Team