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Netapp metrics gathering script

Principle of operation

This script uses snmpwalk to fetch OID of interest from a Netapp server then injects those metrics into Ganglia. This script will use Ganglia's Spoof functionality to create "Netapp" hosts in Ganglia.


To use modify the ganglia_netapp.php script. You will need to change following variables in the script.

$servers= array("serv1","serv2");

This is a list of all the Netapp servers you have

$community = "public";

This is your SNMP community string.

You should run this script quite often ie. I use a shell script like this which I run in a screen session (or you can use runit)

while [ 1 ]; do php ganglia_netapp.php; sleep 15; done

This will run the script every 15 seconds

Graph reports

If you want report graphs like e.g. network traffic drop the *.json files in this directory in $GANGLIA_WEB_HOME/graph.d e.g. /var/www/html/ganglia/graph.d