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Python module for ganglia 3.1.

This module parses output from the db.serverStatus() and rs.status() commands and creates "mongodb_*" metrics:

  • Inserts per Second
  • Queries per Second
  • Updates per Second
  • Deletes per Second
  • Getmores per Second
  • Commands per Second
  • Flushes per Second
  • Memory-mapped Data
  • Process Virtual Size
  • Process Resident Size
  • Page Faults per Second
  • Global Write Lock Ratio
  • BTree Page Miss Ratio
  • Total Operations Waiting for Lock
  • Readers Waiting for Lock
  • Writers Waiting for Lock
  • Total Active Clients
  • Active Readers
  • Active Writers
  • Open Connections
  • Open Connections (as a percentage of total available)
  • Replica Set Slave Delay
  • Asserts per Second


Author: Michael T. Conigliaro <mike [at] conigliaro [dot] org>