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NetApp Filer API metrics

These are GMOND Python Modules that gathers metrics from NetApp appliances via the Netapp Data ONTAP APIs. There are two modules, one for 7-mode filers, and one for Clusters running Clustered ONTAP. The c-mode module now polls clusters as separate threads. This speeds up polling and gmond reliability.

The API allows counter access to many more metrics than available through SNMP.

This module currently gathers per volume Read/Write/Average IOPs and Latency and handles multiple filers/clusters


  • 03/04/2014 c-mode script now retrieves qtree quota metrics
  • 02/04/2014 c-mode script now gathers volume file and space metrics
  • 26/03/2014 c-mode script now does cluster api calls as separate threads


  • For the 7-mode module: Netapp Manageability SDK 5.0 (download from to /opt/netapp)
  • For the c-mode module: Netapp Manageability SDK 5.2 (download from to /opt/netapp/sdk)


  • Save the netapp_api.pyconf or netapp_api_cmode.pyconf into /etc/ganglia/conf.d
  • Save the or into your ganglia python module dir eg: /usr/lib/ganglia/python_modules.
  • Update the Username, password, IP and name for the Filers/clusters.
  • Restart gmond and the volume latency & iop metrics should appear in ganglia.


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