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python module for ganglia 3.1.

"php_fpm" send metrics on PHP's FPM status.

This module can monitor multiple php-fpm pools by passing in multiple ports separated by commas into the ports parameter.


  • php_fpm_server_version
  • php_fpm_pool_name
  • php_fpm_process_manager
  • php_fpm_accepted_connections
  • php_fpm_active_processes
  • php_fpm_idle_processes
  • php_fpm_total_processes


  • status_path (The path to query for php-fpm status. Default: '/status')
  • host (The hostname/ip of the server running php-fpm. Default: localhost)
  • ports (The list of ports of which the php-fpm pool are running on. Default: 9000)
  • php_fpm_bin (The full path to the php_fpm binary. Default '/usr/sbin/php5-fpm')
  • refresh_rate (The time in seconds between polling php-fpm. Default: 15)
  • prefix (The string to prefix the metric name. Default: 'php_fpm_')


  • This has only been tested on python 2.6.5 on Ubuntu 10.04.
  • If more than one port is specified in the ports param, the port number will be appended onto the mectric's prefix. IE, given prefix = 'php_fpm_' and ports = '9000,9001,9002', your metric name will include 'php_fpm_9000_active_processes', 'php_fpm_9001_active_processes' and 'php_fpm_9002_active_processes'.
  • Ensure your PHP-FPM configuration has a pm.status_path set to the same value as this module's status_path param.
  • This module uses the flup python module as the fastcgi client library. Please ensure it's installed.


Patrick Ting pcting@gmail.com