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Ganglia Monitoring core
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Merge pull request #235 from phreakocious/master

can't build on OpenBSD 5.7 without this
latest commit 7dad2636d0
@jbuchbinder jbuchbinder authored
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WiX Placeholder for custom action code to be called during MSI installation
contrib Configuration files and scripts are now created during the install ph…
debian Fix up the change log
doc/planning Add diagrams for Ganglia 4.x
gimond [New] Python scripts to store/update/draw the internal metrics values…
gmetad-python Adding gzipped-XML-tree support to gmond, gmetad, and gmetad-python
gmetad Update init scripts to follow the current recommendations/template.
gmetric [minor fix] Replaced exit(1) with exit(EXIT_FAILURE) for portability.
gmond Ignore hostname line in Apache 2.4.16
gstat [minor fix] Replaced exit(1) with exit(EXIT_FAILURE) and exit(0) with…
include Treat GANGLIA_SLOPE_DERIVATIVE as a legal value in Ganglia_metric_set
lib Make sure path is null terminated. Fix for Coverity CID 1271707
libmetrics can't build on OpenBSD 5.7 without this
m4 Add missing AX_COMPARE_VERSION function to fix Travis CI build.
mans update old bugzilla bug report links to github
scripts [] Add support for @runstatedir@ @envdir@ so systemd serv…
solaris Artifacts for Solaris package
tests tests: remove dependency on exit()
.gitignore add .pyc files to gitignore
.travis.yml Issue #234: Change format to new Travis CI build format, temporarily …
AUTHORS Update AUTHORS file as per discussions on ganglia-developers list
BUGS update old bugzilla bug report links to github
COPYING [doc] Welcome to 2011
ChangeLog Add artefacts required for some autotools versions, requested by Mich…
INSTALL hash: replace ck_rwlock with apr_thread_rwlock
Makefile.WiX Example Makefile for building an MSI package with WiX, loosely based … Add systemd unit files.
NEWS *** empty log message ***
README.AIX Update README.AIX contributed by Michael Perzl
README.GIT documentation: update dependency list
README.OPENBSD adding openbsd readme
README.WIN documentation: update dependency list Add Travis CI status page, reenable perl module support.
acinclude.m4 escape local macros for automake > 1.8 as detailed in http://sources.…
bootstrap PHP support from… Version bump to 3.7.2 build: add datarootdir and remove unused data and man configuration flag Configuration files and scripts are now created during the install ph…
ganglia.pod Add documentation for slab reclaim memory
ganglia.spec.aix documentation: typo Consistently use %__make instead of make.
git2dist.rc git2dist: Set sample release branch to master


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